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Sony Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

Product Description

Bring the festival sound to birthdays, special occasions and spur of the moment gatherings. Long distance bass sound delivered by the JET BASS BOOSTER allows your partygoers to enjoy even more powerful music.

A tapered bass reflex duct structure concentrates the airflow of the bass sound, so you can hear it clearly and feel it physically, wherever you are in the crowd and over long distances.

You and your friends can pair up to three smartphones with the Sony MHC-V02 simultaneously using Bluetooth technology. You’ll all be able to play tracks from all your music libraries, giving you even more choice.

Play tracks stored on a USB device, or make your own custom playlists with direct CD-to-USB recording. Simply connect your device to the PLAY / REC port and you are set to power up your next party with all your favourite tracks. Or use the USB port to charge your smartphone too while you’re partying.

Pump up the atmosphere with club-like LED speaker illumination. The blue light pulses in patterns, synchronising with the rhythm of the beat.

The Sony Music Center app lets you control music and sound settings right from your phone. Plus the Fiestable app lets you activate DJ and karaoke modes. Make changes with a flick of your wrist, thanks to intuitive motion control.

Enjoy more powerful sound by connecting multiple home audio systems via Bluetooth connection. Connect up to 50 compatible home audio systems and synchronise the music and lighting.

Music options are very flexible, with Bluetooth, CD, USB, FM radio and even a guitar or microphone input; this powerful, yet compact, party system will liven-up any party.

Key Features

  • Vertical home audio system, with CD, Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB & audio-in
  • 18cm woofer and angled 4cm tweeters
  • ‘Jet Bass’, for tighter and farther reaching bass-lines
  • Blue speaker illumination
  • Karaoke mode and guitar input
  • Sony Music Center and Fiestable Apps, control playback and other features
  • Speaker-tripod compatible (35mm type)