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Playseat Playstation Edition Gaming Chair



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Special edition for all PlayStation fans! Don’t be a noob, play like a pro!

This is official licensed PlayStation edition of the ultimate gaming chair, the Playseat® L33T – PlayStation! For the PS fans that want the best, most comfortable, most fun gaming experience in PlayStation style. The chair features the official PlayStation logo and colours and the cushions have a relief with the iconic PlayStation symbols. It doesn’t matter which game you play or if you play with PS2, PS3 or PS4 or the latest PS5, this is the elite gaming chair you need!

Thanks to perfect mixed foam, the cushions are soft enough for hours of gaming, yet sturdy enough to last long and provide feedback if feedback devices are used. The unique, patented foot of the Playseat® has extra-large wheels for smooth rolling and a sturdy rim as footrest, which gives you extra comfort!

Backwards swivel movement allows reclining of the backrest for a relaxing position and forward swivel movement allows for support while in gaming position. The extra high, fully adjustable arm rest, featuring up/down, forward/aft and left/right movement makes sure you will always find the ultimate gaming position.

This is the chair for those who want to game for hours, in the best possible way!

Key Features

  • Official licensed PlayStation edition in official PlayStation colours
  • Backward swivel movement, allows reclining of the backrest for a relaxing position
  • Patented and unique lightweight metal foot design
  • Extra-large wheels, for smooth rolling characteristics
  • Coating cushions of leather look vinyl
  • Weight is 29kg
  • Dimensions are 35cm wide, 58cm deep and 80cm high