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Panasonic Mini Hi-Fi System with Blutooth

Product Description


Produces a powerful sound

The 16cm Large Woofer with Hard Press Corrugation produces powerful bass for dance and other kinds of music. Corrugation has also been added to suppress distortion for even greater clarity.


Enjoy your music with the best sound
With the wide versatility of the Local Preset Equaliser, you can maximize your enjoyment of different music genres, such as Rock, Pop, and more. Football mode also makes it more fun to watch TV. You can customise sound to match whatever you are viewing.


Enjoy your music collection
DJ Jukebox / Panasonic MAX Juke App – The DJ Jukebox plays songs from a USB device with Mix Play mode. Also, you can operate playlists and play requests through the Panasonic MAX Juke App.


Key Features

Powerful and Clear Sound

Large 16 cm Woofer

MAX Jukebox

Request Songs using MAX Juke App

Stream Your Music Wirelessly

Bluetooth Wireless Technology