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Panasonic High Res Micro System



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The Panasonic PMX92 pushes audio boundaries with amazing sound quality, versatile connectivity and masterful design. The 3-way speaker design and LincsD-Amp provide rich sound from a variety of music sources, while the USB DAC port makes it easy to enjoy hi-res audio. AUX-IN Auto Play function allows it to work with various devices, and an Optical Input has been added for easy connection with your TV.

This system produces a beautifully expressive, dynamic sound perfectly suited to high-resolution audio. This is thanks to its combination of a 3-way speaker design and a silk dome tweeter capable of reaching frequencies as high as 50kHz.

A unique audiophile-grade chipset and USB driver system ensure that when listening to music from a PC the amplifiers superior processing handles the DAC (digital-to-analogue conversion). You get to hear all the detail and richness found in today’s high-resolution audio formats including DSD, FLAC, WAV and AIFF.

Experience music exactly as it was meant to be heard thanks to the 3rd-generation LincsD-Amp. The latest innovative version of this technology manages to correct issues such as jitter and power supply noise that usually cause distortion in digital music playback.

Using premium grade components such as aluminium electrolyte capacitors and metallised polyester film capacitors, this new hi-fi system is able to deliver true high-resolution audio with a sound that is close to the original recording.

The PMX92 is equipped with Bluetooth® Re-Master, which compensates for any audio signals that are lost due to data compression when streaming from compatible devices like your smartphone or tablet.

This hi-fi makes listening to music from a streamed audio device such as Chromecast Audio an absolute cinch, thanks to a new Auto Play feature that automatically begins playing music whenever it is detected from the AUX-IN terminal. Even if the PMX92 is turned off, streaming music to a device connected to AUX-IN will automatically switch the power on and select the correct input.

As well as Bluetooth, DAB+ radio and CD playback, there is an optical input that can be hooked up to a TV. This powerful 120W system offers sound with much greater resonance and clarity than your TV’s standard speakers can produce.

Key Features

  • 120w Output Power with 3rd gen Lincs D-Amp
  • Supports hi-res audio playback
  • DAB+ digital radio, FM radio, Bluetooth and CD player
  • 3 Way, 3 Speaker system (Bass reflex)
  • One USB 2.0 High-speed port
  • Bluetooth® Ver 2.1 + EDR
  • Radio presets for 30 FM and 20 DAB+ stations
  • Dimensions main unit are 211 mm wide, 267 mm deep and 114 mm high
  • Dimensions speakers are 161 mm wide, 262 mm deep and 238 mm high