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Panasonic Artisan Breadmaker



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Bake deliciously authentic crusty bread at home with ease. The Artisan Breadmaker goes beyond standard homemade bread to create perfect rustic loaves that are soft and fluffy on the inside and crusty on the outside.

Enjoy the satisfaction of your bread knife cutting through the crisp crust of an artisan loaves. With the Panasonic Artisan Breadmaker you can craft bread that is indistinguishable from what you would buy at a real bakery.

Sporting a brand new design structure to enable the creation of crusty loaves, the Artisan Breadmaker uses controlled reflection for an oven-like baking process.

A superb combination of the blade and ribs in the pan replicate hand-kneading techniques to develop firm gluten, setting the stage for baking light and fluffy bread products encased in a tantalising crunchy crust.

The newly designed combination of the blade and ribs in the pan develops a firm gluten like the hands of an artisan, ideal for hard crust.

Two temperature sensors not only track the internal temperature of the breadmaker but also check the room temperature to reflect in the program to control fermentation. No matter what the conditions are in your kitchen you can expect consistent results.

Panasonic breadmakers feature programs that are excellent for baking gluten-free breads and cakes. Difficult to blend ingredients are kneaded just right so that every cake turns out brilliantly.

Features a stylish design with a flat top panel. The modern, simple shape is an ideal match for modern interiors.

Delight in baking everything from daily and gluten-free breads to pizza dough and cakes for parties with a single breadmaker.

Key Features

  • 18 Auto Menu Programs
  • Hard Crust Artisan-style bread- Just like a baker would make
  • 40 recipes- Including multiple crust levels, sizes and fillings
  • Gluten free bread and cake modes
  • Pizza and Bread dough options
  • Delay start timer option makes it perfect for fresh bread in the morning
  • Dual sensors internal and external sensors to ensure a perfect loaf every time.
  • Dimensions are 273mm wide, 404mm deep and 340mm high
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty