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Panasonic 60cm Multifunction Oven



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Panasonics large capacity built-in ovens represent everything a kitchen needs to cater for busy lifestyles. Ease of use, handy settings, and innovative design have been combined to give you an incredibly efficient oven for your everyday needs. Its 7 functions include:

Conventional cooking using both upper and lower heating elements working together to distribute heat evenly. Conventional cooking plus Fan adds air circulation which adds crispness to the surface of your foods.

Double Grilling elements on the top of the oven work together for fast cooking. Adding the fan speeds up the grilling process.

Radiant Grilling uses a hidden element autonomously turning on and off to maintain the desired temperature.

The bottom heating elements provide focused heating to the lower portion of the food which is ideal for dishes such as casseroles, stews, pastries or pizzas that require slow heating at lower temperatures.

The defrosting function of the oven uses the fan to circulate the air at room temperature within the cavity to enable quick yet gentle defrosting of food like frozen ready made meals and cream-rich foods.

A double glazed removable oven door and oven lamp completes the perfect centrepiece to your kitchen food preparation area.

Key Features

  • Large 65 litre capacity
  • 6,000 watt power
  • 5 shelf positions
  • Removable Double Glazed door for easy cleaning
  • Qualified electrical installer is required
  • Dimensions are 595mm wide, 575mm deep and 595mm high
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty