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Panasonic 27L Steam Combi Microwave



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It’s compact, but it is very versatile, being an inverter microwave oven, convection oven with top and bottom elements, and a steamer oven, all in the one stylish unit.

The Panasonic 27L Steam Combi Microwave is equipped with highly-efficient boiler which injects powerful steam into the upper area of the Microwave Oven. With healthy steam cooking, natural flavours and ingredients and preserved and it’s incredibly quick to cook delicious and healthy meals.

The steam feature can be used by itself or simultaneously with the microwave, grill and oven modes to cook or reheat a wide range of fresh and delicious meals. The best part is that by adding steam you can reduce traditional oven cooking times without impacting on quality and taste of your favourite meals.

The upper heater and microwave-heated grill tray cooks foods quickly on both the top and bottom. As it cooks, excess fat is drained off by the grooves in the grill tray resulting in food which is crisp on the outside and tender and juicy inside. There’s also no need to turn food over whilst cooking, reducing cooking times!

Take the guesswork out of thawing frozen items by utilising the clever inverter Turbo Defrost mode. Simply select the category and weight of the food and this feature will automatically deliver the optimum defrosting time using advanced continuous-power inverter technology.

Key Features

  • 27L Steam Combination Oven
  • 100% Turbo Steam
  • Crispy Grill
  • Simultaneous Combination Cooking
  • Large-area Flat Cavity
  • Inverter Technology
  • 1000W Microwave power
  • 1200W Grill Power (Top/Bottom)
  • Dimensions are 512mm wide, 400mm deep and 347mm high
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty