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Ozito 406mm 41cc Petrol Chainsaw

Product Description

The Ozito 406mm 41cc Petrol Chainsaw is perfect for effortless cutting around the backyard or small property. Ideal for felling medium size trees, preparing firewood, pruning and clearing fallen branches.

Featuring a high performance 41CC full crank 2-stroke engine, together with Easy Start system and auto choke enables easy, user friendly starting. The tool free chain replacement and tensioning dial allows for fast, easy and safe blade changes. Safety features include an automatic chain brake that will engage in the event of kickback and bucking spikes which assist with the cutting action and help reduce the possibility of kickback. Anti-vibration handle absorbs vibration during use, reducing user fatigue and increasing user comfort and the conveniently located throttle safety lock prevents unintentional starting for increased operator safety.

The high quality Oregon® bar and chain with automatic oiling provides constant lubrication which reduces friction for maximum cutting performance and the unit comes pre-assembled, simply just add your fuel and start.


Chain brake: safety feature provides additional protection from dangerous kickbacks when chain jams occur
Easy start system: easy starting system with auto choke and primer
Full crank engine: delivers efficient performance and increases engine life
Oregon® bar and chain: high quality for maximum cutting performance