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Midea Vented Dryer 7kg

Product Description

Still relying on the changeable New Zealand weather to dry your clothes? Cut your clothes-drying time to a fraction with this Midea Vented 7kg dryer. Its easy-to-use control panel provides 4 programmes at 3 dryness levels, as well as an anti-crease feature.

The 180° wide-opening door provides easy access to load and unload your washing, and its stainless steel drum lined with textured bumps makes it gentler on clothing during the drying process. Additionally, the child lock function provides peace of mind for households with little ones.

Its versatile design allows for either floor or wall mounting, and it has everything you need for warm, dry clothes on demand at an amazing price.

Key Features

  • 4 Programs
  • Anti Crease
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Front Vented Only
  • Wide 180° door opening
  • Floor Or Wall Mount (wall brackets included)
  • Dimensions are 595 mm wide, 550 mm deep and 840 mm high
  • 2 star Energy Rating