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Midea Condenser Dryer 7kg

Product Description

Unlike a standard vented dryer, this Midea 7kg Condenser dryer doesn’t require any external venting, so you don’t have to worry about hot & humid exhaust air causing mould & mildew.

Once the heated air has absorbed moisture from your clothes, it gets routed through a heat exchanger where it condenses the water vapour into either a drain pipe or collection tank. The dry air then gets reheated and recirculated back into the drum. The result is perfectly dry clothes without any venting or installation hassle.

The dryer has 11 functions to choose from, accessible by a simple-to-use selection dial and push buttons. It also has a status display to let you know how far through the drying cycle your clothes are.

The 180° wide-opening door makes loading and unloading your machine easy as well, and with an additional quick dry program, you’ll have your clean washing dry and ready to go in record time.

Please note that this is a floor mount unit only due to the water collection tank.

Key Features

  • 11 drying cycle programs
  • Quick Dry Program
  • Anti-crease Function
  • Stainless Drum
  • Water Tank Display
  • Safety Thermostat
  • Floor Mount Only
  • 180° wide opening door
  • Dimensions are 959mm wide, 600mm deep and 850mm high