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Eva Twin Bunk Bed

Product Description

Our Eva twin single bed takes only limited space to accommodate two people.

The sturdy construction is made of solid pine wood to ensure the safety of your children and guests.

The strong slat bases are specially designed with strength in mind to firmly secure the mattresses.

Only taking up the space of a single bed, the bunk bed provides accommodation for two people as well as bottom drawers for storage.

New Zealand and Australian Safety standard compliant.

Material: Pine / Veneer

Assembly Required.

All prices exclude accessories, mattress sold separately. 
Colour may vary from picture shown.



A. Outer Width: 103cm
B. Inner Width: 94cm
C. Outer Length: 199cm
D. Inner Length: 194cm
E. Slats Heights: 123cm
F. Side Rail Heights: 130cm
G. Total Heights: 159cm
H. Bottom Slats Heights: 26cm
I. Bottom Side Rail Heights: 40cm
J. Under Drawer Length: 96cm
K. Under Drawer Width: 51cm