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Electrolux 8kg Sensor Clothes Dryer



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For gentle garment care that results in evenly dried clothes, look no further than the Electrolux 8kg Ultimate Care Condenser Dryer.

This dryer boasts features to ensure every load is precisely and carefully dried. The advanced sensor dry feature prevents overdrying to prevent damage to the fabric. The reverse tumbling action alternates the direction the drum spins to minimise wrinkles and promote even drying. You can activate the refresh cycle to freshen your clothes for a more comfortable wear.

Inside this dryer you’ll find a drum with a raised circular structure. This design minimises prolonged contact between your garments and the drum to ensure fabrics are not stressed or damaged during the drying process.

By periodically reversing the direction in which the drum spins during the cycle, tangling and wrinkles are reduced and even drying is achieved.

With seasonal changes, some of your clothes may have been sitting in your closet for several months. The Refresh cycle can give your garments a much-needed freshening up using hot or cool air.

This smart dryer offers 12 drying programs and a range of additional options to ensure your clothes receive the best drying possible.

Key Features

  • 8kg SensorDry dryer
  • 12 Drying Programs
  • Delayed start options
  • Reverse Tumbling
  • Extra Anticrease option
  • Reversible door mounting
  • Drain kit included
  • 2 Star energy rating
  • Dimensions are 600mm wide, 665mm deep and 850mm high
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty