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Dyson Hot+Cool Air Purifier



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Say goodbye to allergens and pollutants while enjoying optimal temperatures thanks to the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan Heater. This versatile air purifier circulates hot or cool air, depending on your preference. The Dyson HP04 Air Purifier has no grills or blades for ultimate user safety, especially around children.

This smart appliance packs the capability of a cooling fan, heater, and an air purifier, all in one handy unit. It is excellent for different climate or weather conditions as it can provide warmth or cool purified airflow. Its long-range is perfect for winter months as it can quickly heat a room evenly.

Boasting built-in sensors, activated carbon filters, and Dyson Link app-integration, this purifier proves to be an excellent home companion.

Furnished with three intelligent sensors, it can identify gases and particles in the air. Once pollutants are detected, the purifier diagnoses and reports them instantaneously on its display. View accurate data in real-time as the compatible Dyson Link App lets you monitor air quality via your smartphone.

It provides up-to-date reports of indoor and outdoor air quality and temperature, humidity and filter life. With this, you can also conveniently control the Dyson HP04 with voice commands.

Its activated carbon filters remove harmful gases and capture small particles and allergens like spores, pollens, etc., so you can experience purified air across your space. Additionally, its sealed HEPA filters remove 99.95% of PM0.1. Easy to maintain, it integrates a reminder to notify you if any filter needs a quick change.

With its Night-time Mode, the hot and cool fan operates with low-volume and a dimmed display. Rest assured that everyone in the room can sleep comfortably without visual or sound disruptions.

Thanks to Air Projection Technology, you can enjoy automatic air purification, as well as whole room heating and cooling. It projects 290 litres of smooth, clean air per second.

It packs 350-degree oscillation and Air Multiplier technology to project air comprehensively throughout the room and keep users comfortable.

Comes with a remote control that you can conveniently store on top of the unit.

Key Features

  • A fan, a heater and an air purifier in a single unit
  • Detects airborne particles and gases, then diagnoses and reports them in real time
  • Glass HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter
  • Includes an easy to use remote control
  • Dimensions are 205mm diameter base and 764mm high
  • 1.8 meter power cord
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty