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DeLonghi MultiFry Hot-air Fryer



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The De’longhi Extra Chef Multicooker is a professional multicooker and a low oil fryer, with seven food programmes with rapid cooking time and a maximum capacity of 1.7kgs.

A versatile kitchen appliance that not only deep fry and air-fry, but with upper and lower cooking elements is a mini-oven that lets you also prepare stews, risotto, Pizza and cakes.

Equipped with the SHS double pro (double independent heating elements, the lower one with 1000 Watts power), and a rapid cooking time of only 27 minutes for 1kg of frozen potatoes, leaving food crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, your fryer will make preparing meals a breeze.

Only 14 ml of cooking oil is required for 1 kg of peeled potatoes.

A digital control panel on the multicooker allows the user to select the power level and cooking time, and the recipe selector knob gives access to either four set programs (potatoes, pizza, cake and stew) or three special programs (pan function, oven function or grill function).

Key Features

  • A versatile fryer and mini-oven in one unit
  • Upper tubular sheathed heating element for a convection and grill cooking
  • Lower tubular sheathed heating elements (800 W) to improve the speed and the feasible recipes
  • Automatic mixing process
  • Digital control panel
  • Mixing paddle and bowl with a non-stick and anti-scratch ceramic coating
  • Dimensions are 395mm wide, 325mm deep and 290mm high

*Minimum weekly amounts must exceed $9 per week, bundling products to meet this minimum weekly price point is required where the minimum weekly price point is below this threshold for a single product.