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Big Ball Animal Vacuum

Product Description

The only vacuum with no maintenance and no loss of suction. No filters to wash or replace.


The only vacuum with no dirty filters to wash or replace

Dust separation is so efficient that, unlike with conventional vacuums, there’s no need to wash or replace a filter.


The vacuum that gets back up when toppled

Conventional vacuums fall down and stay down. Dyson Big Ball barrel vacuums pick themselves up.


Hygienically ejects the dirt

Now you can hygienically drive out trapped dust and debris with just the push of a button. There’s no need to touch the dirt.


Carbon fibre turbine floor tool

Carbon fibre filaments pick up fine dust. Stiff nylon bristles help remove ground-in dirt.


Ball technology

With improved stability, Dyson Big Ball barrel vacuums manoeuvre easily around obstacles and corners.


Articulated handle for easy, versatile cleaning

The wand’s handle rotates in three directions, allowing full 360° articulation for greater control.


Larger, high-capacity bin

33% bigger than the previous generation of Dyson Cinetic barrel vacuums.


Quick-release tools

Smoothly change tools between tasks.


Longer wand reaches awkward areas

Extends up to 1250cm to clean hard to reach places.