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5.5kg Quicksmart Washing Machine

Product Description

The QuickSmart series combines quality and affordability.

Featuring the reliability and performance benefits that you expect from SmartDrive technology, this washing machine cares for your clothes.

Featuring Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive Technology, this washing machine can perform at its best every time, due to the SmartDrive sensor that can specifically adjust to the selected water temperature, for every load of washing.

This QuickSmart washing machine has four wash cycles include regular, heavy duty, delicate and wool. This design has a stainless steel bowl and uses regular detergent, and is ideal for those who want quality and fast washing every time.


H 1050mm x W 560mm x D 560mm

Capacity: 5.5 kg dry load

Energy Rating: 1.5 Star
Water Rating: 3 Star
Water Usage: 77 litres per wash cycle
4 wash cycles

3 rinse options
eco option
3 wash temperature controls
3 manual water levels
spin hold option

3 spin speeds
Auto lint disposal, fabric softener dispenser, lid lock