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177L Upright Freezer

Product Description

This 177L frost free vertical freezer from Acqua matches up as a pigeon pair with the Acqua GY-NE250RF fridge or can be used as a stand alone single door freezer.

Freezer Drawers
The plastic freezer drawers offered in a stylish crystal blue colour finish is a practical and convenient way to arrange food produce to be stored away.

Easy Clean Door Seals
Door gasket seals are located on all four sides of Acqua brand freezer and refrigerator doors. To remove the gasket seals for cleaning or replacing simply lift the lip of the gasket seal from the retainer strip until dislodged and simply peel away.

Reversible Doors
A reversible door includes pre-fabricated notches on opposite sides of the door allowing for the door to be reversed without having to be flipped end on end. High density foaming ensures a high degree of efficiency and is a key function in meeting New Zealand Minimum Energy Performance standards.

2.5 Star energy rating

310 kWh/yr energy usage